Mesothelioma - a rare type of cancer

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Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in the lining of the body's internal organs, a thin layer of cells known as the mesothelium. While very thin, this layer of cells is vitally important to organ function and the health of the inner body structures. There are three recognized types of mesothelioma. Pleural mesothelioma occurs in the pleural lining of the lungs and is the most common form of the disease. Peritoneal mesothelioma occurs within the peritoneum, which lines the abdominal cavity and is the second most common form of the disease. Pericardial mesothelioma is the rarest variety of the disease and occurs in the pericardial lining of the heart. The primary cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos, though other factors, such as smoking may increase the likeliness of the disease in certain individuals.

How is Mesothelioma Diagnosed?

Malignant mesothelioma can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms of the disease often closely mimic those of less serious conditions. It will often require X-ray and other body scans (CT or MRI) in addition to a biopsy to conclusively diagnose mesothelioma. Nevertheless, those experiencing chronic cough, difficulty swallowing, chest pain, or breathing difficulties should alert their physician immediately. This is particularly true among those with a known asbestos-exposure history. Those with asbestos exposure history should communicate this to their physician even before symptoms appear so that they may be able to alert patients to warning signs of the disease. If detected early enough, patients may be eligible for aggressive treatment options, including surgical resection of the mesothelioma cancer and affected tissue. Oncologists and thoracic specialists will be able to assist the patient in determining the extent of the disease and the best treatment options for that particular patient.

How is Mesothelioma Treated?

Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer but can be managed with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. Currently, there is no known cure for asbestos cancer but several mesothelioma treatment regimens have proven to be successful in helping the patient avoid pain and discomfort caused by the disease. Several therapies have emerged in recent years that have extended survival rates to levels previously thought to be impossible. Cancer centers have initiated hundreds of clinical trials in recent years to help mesothelioma patients find a therapy that works for them while still working towards a cure for future patients. Progressive therapies are now being developed through the International Mesothelioma Program under the direction of thoracic specialist Dr. David Sugarbaker.

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Drug Rehab Programs

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Selecting a drug rehab center is one of the most important Drug rehab Treatment Centers Drug addiction rehabilitation Program and difficult decisions you will make in your lifetime. Few of us know what to look for in a quality rehab program and not all drug rehabilitation centers are alike. Each drug rehab has its own program options, staff qualifications, credentials, cost, and effectiveness.

Asking appropriate questions when you call a drug rehab for information is important and you should expect to receive clear answers.

Before you make any decisions-ask questions and get the facts!

Does the drug rehab offer a variety of programs?

Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that progress through predictable stages. It takes a trained health professional, often a doctor specializing in addiction medicine, to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment, whether it be outpatient counseling or an inpatient alchol and drug rehab.

A drug rehabilitation treatment center should offer a variety of treatment programs that meet individual needs. Programs may include inpatient, residential, outpatient, and/or short-stay options.

The difference between inpatient and a residential treatment center is that inpatient services are provided by a licensed hospital, while residential programs usually do not meet the same rigorous standards of medical care.

The length of stay depends on the severity and stage of the disease.

How much does a drug rehab center cost?

"How much does it cost?" is often one of the first questions asked when someone calls a drug rehab program.

The price tag for drug rehab treatment depends on the type of rehab you choose. You need to know what is included, what will be added to your bill as a fee-for-service program, and what services your health insurance will cover. This makes it extremely difficult to compare prices by simply asking the question - "What does rehab cost?" The best way to find out the range of costs for rehab is to talk to an intake advisor. You can discuss your insurance coverage or your financial concerns and they will help you narrow down your choices to what best meets your needs in the most affordable way.

If you are seeking the best value for your treatment dollar, remember: Price can be meaningful only in the context of quality and performance.

Also remember that the cost of drug addiction and alcoholism, if not treated, can far exceed the cost of treatment.

Is the drug rehab treatment program medically based?

There is an advantage to including on-site medical care in a Drug Rehab. Physicians and nurses provide 24-hour hospital services to monitor and ensure a safe withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. In addition, a medical staff specializing in addiction medicine can oversee the progress of each individual and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

Medical credentials and accreditation can also be important. For example, a chemical dependency Drug Rehab that earns JCAHO accreditation (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) meets national standards for providing quality medical care. Appropriate state licensing is also an important consideration.

Be sure to ask which medical costs are included in the price of treatment at the drug rehab.

What is the degree of family involvement in a drug rehab program?

Drug abuse and alcoholism affects the entire family, not just the alcoholic/addict. Quite often family members do not realize how deeply they have been affected by chemical dependency. Family involvement is an important component of recovery.

Drug Rehabs vary in the degree and quality of family involvement opportunities. Some offer just a few lectures and others offer family therapy. Ask if there is any time devoted to family programs and if group therapy is included.

Does drug rehabilitation include a quality continuing care program?

There are no quick fixes for the diseases of drug abuse and alcoholism. Recovery is an ongoing process. The skills one learns during intensive rehabilitation treatment must be integrated into everyday life and this takes time.

Some drug addiction treatment programs will offer a follow-up program but only in one location which may make it difficult to use.

Drug rehabilitation treatment programs should include a quality, continuing care program that supports and monitors recovery.

The decision to enter a drug rehab program can be a very difficult and painstaking process. If you are confused by the many choices offered on this drug rehab site, please call one of our our treament center specialist at (877) 707-8498.

Our treatment center helpline is answered by a professional staff who understands what you are going through. They will listen to your questions and concerns, and provide you with free drug rehab referrals.

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Learn The Facts About Vioxx

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On September 30, 2004, Merck announced a worldwide withdrawal of its anti-inflammatory drug, Vioxx, following information that people taking Vioxx are twice as likely to have heart attacks and strokes than people who take other inflammatory drugs, such as Naproxen.

Vioxx is one of a class of anti-inflammatory drugs strenuously marketed as being more effective, with fewer side effects than other, older drugs, including such over-the-counter medications as ibuprofen.

Vioxx and other drugs in the class have not proven to be the breakthrough cure-all for pain as they were advertised. In fact many physicians prefer ibuprofen for pain relief to Vioxx and Celebrex combined, and for patients, the cost of the over-the-counter medication is 10 to 15 times less than that of the prescription drugs.

Merck & Co., the maker of Vioxx launched the drug in the U.S. in 1999, and has had nearly $2.5 billion in sales of the drug in 2003.

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What is Structured Settlement?

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A structured settlement is a financial or insurance arrangement, including periodic payments, that a claimant accepts to resolve a personal injury tort claim or to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation. Structured settlements were first utilized in Canada and the United States during the 1970s as an alternative to lump sum settlements. Structured settlements are now part of the statutory tort law of several common law countries including Australia, Canada, England and the United States. Although some uniformity exists, each of these countries has its own definitions, rules and standards for structured settlements. Structured settlements may include income tax and spendthrift requirements as well as benefits. Structured settlement payments are sometimes called “periodic payments.” A structured settlement incorporated into a trial judgment is called a “periodic payment judgment."

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Versadome Innovative Modular Building System

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The flavor of the season today is to have products which are attractive, effective, and can be customized as per requirements and budgets allowed. In comes Versadome, an architectural wonder which can be termed to be a response to the above criterion. The best part of this building system is versatile modular that is building system with the arches and domes as the elements of weight bearing structures while also being easily transportable and stacked. These systems have been designed so as to deploy a structure that can be erected at very short notice. A perfect cost effective solutions for earth quakes floods etc.

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

From the website :

The Versadome combines the grace of traditional arches and domes found in ancient architecture with the smooth form and clean details of a yacht. Aesthetically modern and sophisticated, the Versadome’s innovative design is also functional and utilitarian.

The Versadome building system is uniquely designed for easy and affordable transportation, assembly and expansion. It is energy efficient and low-maintenance. The adaptability and flexibility create limitless possibilities for a wide range of multi-purpose usages, meeting the needs of many in search of a light and open space solution.

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

Designer : Deger Cengiz via IGreenSpot

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Windows Live Messenger Lite is light version of the Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger.

WLM Lite allows you run Windows Live Messenger without installing, modifying the system, or unpacking anything, even as a guest user, or a computer with restricted access, with all functions enabled such as winks, animated backgrounds, packs, handwriting, etc.

Some WLM Lite Features:

# Portable, no installation needed.
# All advertisements (including webcam ads), search bar removed.
# Reduced file size to 16.0 MB by removing unneccessary files, cleaning registry scripts
# All cache files, custom emoticons, temporary files, program settings, etc. are all # stored in the WLM Lite folder off the directory where WLMLite is located
# Works with Windows XP Version 2002 or later, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

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Pygmy Compact Portable Projector

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Projectors are indispensable when you have to show a formal presentation in front of business associates and most of the projectors are large and heavy weight. Hence most of the times for outdoor business presentations you need to rely on the rented projectors. But this problem can be easily solved with the Pygmy Portable Projector. This is a tiny device which looks quite compact and usable. The projector is classic black in color and the buttons feature shades of Grey. There is a white knob at the front which depicts a floral pattern. You can carry it along with you on any long or short trip.


Glowing USB Human Skull

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For those of you how have a morbid fascination for gadgets like the Human Skull USB Drive and the Human Skull MP3 Player Belt Buckle, here’s something new and USB-ish that should be right up your alley.

This sinister skull connects to a USB port and sits on your desk glowing eerily and its motion sensor keeps watch for anyone walking up to it. So, if you want to mark out your desk space as somewhere that anyone should go near at their own peril, this ghostly guardian is the ideal way to warn them away!

No software installation is needed and a one metre USB cable is included. USB power also means that no batteries are required.

The USB Skull will soon be available from Thumbs Up for £9.99 (about $14 USD).

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M110 Sniper Rifle And An iPod Touch Do Death’s Dance

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Technology and warfare go hand in hand these days, but I would’ve never expected the beloved iPod Touch to be responsible for calculated sniper attacks. What you’re looking at is a M110 semi-automatic sniper system with a Knights Armaments mounting system. The Touch is strapped into an Otterbox case and is running BulletFlight, which is available in the app store for $12. Just dial in the weather, wind speed and distance, and it will spit out the necessary scope adjustments for you to acquire your target.

BulletFlight app here

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An Electric Wheelchair, by Nori Sakatsume

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Growing up in today’s time is not easy. Peer pressure and to be popular among friends is what any teenager feels while growing in years. In today’s times, life which is bound on chair sometimes can be very disheartening for a physically challenged teenagers, for them the chair becomes the biggest hindrance. Understanding this architectural designer Nori Sakatsume, has come up with an automatic wheel chair named as transporter. The device runs on electric motor housed in each wheel which in turn is powered by a lead-acid battery making it easier to maneuver and turns out to be of great help for all the physically challenged.

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iMO is the NExt GeNerAtion UrbAn VehiCle

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It is quite evident that with the passage of time the designs and shapes of the vehicles, commonly used by people will change drastically. They will become environment friendly and also much safer than the current ones. iMO is a great vehicle that is designed to accompany the users as it seems alive with the insertion of several organic parts. It is round in shape and available in colors like yellow, blue, red and black. They have a transparent shield to cover the interior which makes it a fully secured car. The wheels are small, smoothly polished by immensely efficient at the same time. iMo is only a student project for Coventry University with no commercial means.

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Remote Controlled Whirlpool Bath Nova from Jacuzzi

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Designed by Carlo Urbinati, this new design icon luxury baths is the corner whirlpool bath Nova from Jacuzzi. At first glance you will feel absolutely relaxed. Its generous width and depth render service completely to you. Its round form becomes an element of distinction of the whole bathroom. You can form part it of your space while you wish, in the free one or the making version the corner, and embellish it with innate heat and the glances of refining of wood and the marble. The contemporary house is not any more one rigid place, but a space soft, harmonious and comfortable, full with the forms inspired by nature and friendly technology. The original hydromassage of Jacuzzi, measured perfectly with the tonality, stimulate and regenerate each sector of the body, write a new dimension of thanks of versatility to the possibility of choice of much of combination of the jets, in particular new Aquasystem with its four enthralling and forms adapted to the customer requirements of health (quiet, the breath, replace and dreams) to appreciate freely in many positions, without barriers around you. The standard version of the nova is equipped with a system of asepticizing and offers the comfort of a heater and the luminous beauty of the underwater projector in the higher version. For details visit Jacuzzi.

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DETROIT, USA (AVING Special Report on 'NAIAS 2009') -- Toyota displayed its electric concept car 'FT-EV' at the 2009 NAIAS, confirming its plan to launch an urban commuter battery-electric vehicle(BEV) by 2012.

Toyota's FT-EV concept imagines an urban dweller, driving up to 50 miles between home, work and other forms of public transportation, such as high-speed rail. Although, for now, the FT-EV remains a pure concept, it represents a natural pairing of product strategies.

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The annual Nikon Small World photomicrography competition recently announced the winning images. The award-winning images ranged from microscopic organisms to cancer-fighting drugs, carbon nanotubes, and even soap.

The contest has been awarding the best of the best of microscopic photography since 1974. This year, nearly 2,000 images were submitted from around the world, the most entries ever for the competition.

This 6x picture of a chicken embryo was captured by Tomas Pais de Azevedo of Lisbon, Portugal, using stereomicroscopy. It was named an Image of Distinction by the judges, but won first prize in the popular vote opened up to the public.

Photo by Tomas Pais de Azevedo/Nikon, Caption by Jennifer Guevin

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Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC - Lightest 8-inch notebook

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Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC

Sony officially announced the new VAIO P series LifeStyle PC which is the world’s lightest 8-inch notebook. The VAIO P features a 8-inch 1600×768 (wow) LED bakclit XBRITE-ECO LCD display, WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth and built-in support for wireless WAN 3G Mobile Broadband.

Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC

Powered by an Intel Atom 1.33GHz processor, Sony’s VAIO P has 2GB of RAM, 60GB hard drive or 128GB SSD for storage and Intel GMA graphics. It has a Memory Stick Pro (Standard/Duo) card slot as well as MMC/SD slot.

Sony’s Sony VAIO P Series comes with real-time GPS functionality and a MotionEye webcam. The VAIO P LifeStyle PC runs Windows Vista. The starting price of the VAIO P is $899.

Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC

Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC


LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'CES 2009') -- Sharp today introduces the world's first AQUOS LCD TV BD Series equipped with a built-in Blu-ray disc player at the press conference during 2009 CES, which is designed for a convenient all-in-one home theater solution.

The full-HD 1080p AQUOS BD series, which includes the 52-inch class 'LC-52BD80U', 46-inch class ' LC-46BD80U', 42-inch 'LC-42BD80U', 37-inch class 'LC-37BD60U' and 32-inch class 'LC-32BD60U' screen class sizes, combines the ultimate high definition television with the ultimate high definition content format with a side-loading multi-slot for Blu-ray, DVD and CD content.

The series offers a single-step operation feature that turns on the TV and activates play when a BD disc is inserted. In addition, the BD series features a newly developed Advanced Super View(ASV) Superlucent panel for a dramatically bright and crisp picture with reduced reflection and a new AQUOS Pure Mode for convenient optimized viewing of Blu-ray titles. A new elegant 'AQUOS Blue' design includes a subtle blue accent at the bottom of the frame and a swivel stand for viewing convenience.

(Picture: Bob Scaglione, senior VP and group manager, Product and Marketing Group, Sharp)

"We created this series to offer consumers a product that provides the same high-quality, clear picture they've come to expect from a Sharp AQUOS, but with the added convenience of a Blu-ray player for a unique combination solution that allows playback of the latest HD Blu-ray movies," said Bob Scaglione, senior vice president and group manager, Product and Marketing Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "This product is a one-stop, stylish home theater and the built-in side-loading Blu-ray slot is also a space-saver for style-conscious consumers, eliminating the need for a separate box and extra cables."


Global News Network 'AVING'
by Risa Koo ( )

Action spy dramas increasingly feature a computer geek character who accesses everything from satellite imagery to floor plans to convenience store security cameras, then feeds the data to his team, saving the day. This type of work, it turns out, is easier said than done.

Two agencies are trying to make it easier to access and blend Web-based snoop-scoop. The U.S. Joint Forces Command and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency are sponsoring an annual demonstration called Empire Challenge, which "seeks to improve interoperability of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance activities" among end users.

One of last year's Challenge participants, the Open Geospatial Consortium, or OGC, has already demonstrated a common interface that allows "analysts to detect and access sensors from different sources."

"Let's say you're an analyst, and you want (to find) out what's going on in Bellingham, Wash., and you don't know what sensors are available in Bellingham," said Sam Bacharach of OGC. "Is there a Predator with an electrical-optical camera overhead? Maybe there are Washington State Patrol cameras on the interstates. Right now, just to know all those things exist, you have to go through an exhausting process to find them."

And we're not just talking traffic cameras. OCG aims to enable real-time integration of virtually any Web-connected device; examples cited include flood gauges, air pollution monitors, stress gauges on bridges, mobile heart monitors, assorted robots, and the usual space- and airborne-imaging devices.

"In a perfect world, in the world we're trying to enable, all of the sensors may come online," Bacharach said. "They would be put in a catalog so the operator could then come in and type in Bellingham, and magically get a map of all the sensors and all the data that is available covering Bellingham, Wash."

Joint Forces Command hopes lessons from this year's demonstration will allow it to integrate OGC's interface capabilities into the Distributed Common Ground System-a classified architecture used to share sensor information within the intelligence community.

The goal is to shorten the time it takes to collect and analyze intelligence, and disseminate it to troops on the battlefield.

The Empire Challenge is open to government agencies, private industry, and academia; in case you want to channel Marshall J. Flinkman in helping track the Enemy of the State.

(Credit: USAF)

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ASUS to unveil its touch-based all-in-one PC 'Eee Top'

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LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on 'CES 2009') -- ASUS(CEO: Jerry Shen) unveiled its touch-based all-in-one PC 'Eee Top' at the company's official press conference during CES 2009 in Las Vegas.

As a successor model of Eee PC and Eee Box, the Eee Top is integrated with a 15.6-inch touch display, built-in battery, wireless keyboard and mouse. In particular, the high-level model(ET1603) is equipped with Intel Atom N270(1.6GHz) processor, 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, Mobility Radeon HD 3450, and Intel 945GSE Express chipset.

Adopting its exclusive UI software running on Windows XP OS, the Eee Top supports a 1.3M webcam, USB 2.0 x 6 interface, IEEE 8.2.11n wireless LAN, Gigabit Ethernet and more.

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Upgrading to a DRM-free iTunes library will cost you

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Apple and the three largest music labels didn't take any half steps in walking away from copy-protection software at Macworld 2009 Tuesday.

Apple could have announced, as expected, simply that the iTunes Store would begin offering songs stripped of digital rights management from now on. Instead, the country's largest music retailer secured licenses that will enable users to upgrade their existing DRM-wrapped music and strip it of the controversial software--but it's going to cost you.

Schiller on DRM-free music

Apple Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller announces DRM-free tracks on iTunes during his Macworld keynote Tuesday.

An Apple spokesman offered more details: Users of iTunes can now upgrade their music libraries with a click of a button. For and additional 30 cents per song, a user can receive a DRM-free version of their existing tracks at a 256-kbps bitrate.

Starting Tuesday, Apple will offer 8 million DRM-free songs and another 2 million by April. The hold-up for the remaining songs is due to licensing issues, according to my sources.

I'm not going to gripe about that. Those kind of details work themselves out and it's impressive that Apple and the major labels--Universal, Sony BMG, and Warner--worked out a deal for the 8 million.

With the move, Apple's iTunes is also making its strongest foray into interoperability. From now on, iTunes' music should play on any digital player and this means iTunes users don't have to worry about their music libraries being locked out of some future digital music player.

Apple had already offered DRM-free music from EMI, the fourth-largest music label, at a higher bit rate for a premium price.

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Apple to expand DRM-free music, pricing

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Apple has cut deals that will finally enable iTunes to offer songs free of copy protection software from the three largest music labels, according to two sources close to the negotiations. In exchange, Apple has agreed to become more flexible on pricing, the sources said.

Under the terms of the deal, song prices will be broken down into three categories--older songs from the catalog, midline songs (newer songs that aren't big hits), and current hits--said one of the sources. Apple has offered songs free of digital rights management protections from EMI for more than a year. But EMI accounts for less than 10 percent of music sold in the U.S.; these new deals will expand iTunes' DRM-free library to include songs from the other three major labels (Sony BMG, Universal, and Warner Music).

Apple and the music labels have also apparently come to terms on over-the-air downloads, according to a source. That would allow iPhone owners to download songs to their mobile devices via cell networks and without the aid of Wi-Fi. Apple, which closed the deals last week, could announce the agreements as early as Tuesday at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment.

DRM-free songs are something that many iTunes users have requested for some time. However, the celebration over their appearance at the country's largest music retailer may be overshadowed by increased prices on some hit songs, which might be seen by some as an Apple surrender on pricing. Apple fans have long applauded the company for holding the line on pricing despite loud complaints from the major music labels.

The good news is that the price of catalog music is falling to 79 cents per song. The labels will get an opportunity to price some hit songs for more than 99 cents but eventually those songs will drop to 79 cents, according to one source.

Before iTunes users get too worked up, they should remember that song prices at iTunes haven't increased in five years. According to the Consumer Price Index, a 99-cent song in 2002 would be worth $1.17 today.

Not only will new music downloads be free of copy-protection software, but Apple and the labels will begin removing DRM from music already available in the iTunes Store, the source said. However, it's unclear what will happen to songs that have already been purchased.

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Panasonic to Set New Blu-ray Standard for 3D Movies in HD

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Panasonic is reported to have set a new standard for Blu-rays and their ability of reproducing 3D images in HD quality. Users will be happy to find out that they will be able to see images alternatively with the left and red eye at a combined speed of 120fps. That means you will get a 3D effect in your own home similar to movie theaters. Besides the Blu-ray player itself you will have to get those 3D glasses to enjoy future movies.

Will Panasonic be able to make other companies adopt the same standard in the future? The company will open a Hollywood based office in February to start lobbying as those 3D ready Blu-ray plaers and TVs are going to arrive in 2010 or later.

cybertheatre via Nikkei

The MinuteMan Vehicle

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Designer : J. David Weiss

The MinuteMan car concept design by J. David Weiss can give one a smooth ride on the highway or maneuvering oneself in the busy city traffic. In doing so it is helped by the small wheel base and the unique functioning wherein each axle has its individual electric motor working in opposite of each other. This activity enables one to shrink their foot space resulting in maximum driving pleasure. So if you got a meeting to catch up, its time to take out this cool concept and ensure that you are there in a jiffy.

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TVAGazelle Tilting 4-wheeler Car

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It is a fact that today we are on a verge of new commuting age where cars are too heavy, bulky, and dirty. Even the motorcycles are too inflexible and hard to ride on traffic-clogged roads. If someone adds a hybrid nature to existing cars, they can be best solution for your survival. TVA Gazelle tilting 4-wheeler is a car which is not at all wider or heavier with an ability to tilt for stability around the corners. The Australian inventor Philip James has designed this vehicle that will make well over 100 mpg with the help of the vehicle design. Its steering wheel is totally isolated from the front wheels because of Gazelle’s radical new steering and handling system.

Tilting 3- and 4-wheelers like the Carver, Phiaro and Venture are a step in the right direction, says James, but they still can’t offer total stability because the steering is still directly connected to the steering wheel - so when traction is lost or the vehicle goes to topple under cornering forces, the driver is completely responsible for any corrective action; a fundamental issue with any vehicle that uses direct steering control.

James’ solution is simple yet revolutionary - his narrow, 4-wheel TVA Gazelle concept vehicle connects the steering wheel directly and exclusively to the vehicle’s tilt angle. The front wheels are effectively then completely free to dynamically respond to the vehicle’s momentum and inertia, turning into the lean all by themselves and maintaining exceptional stability in corners. This cue vehicle seems like a dream come true for all those who are fed up of rising traffic on roads.

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