Laptop Cooler with USB Hub and HDD Slot

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This laptop cooler - probably one of the better looking ones out there today - is not only equipped with a 3-port USB hub, it also comes with a 2.5-inch SATA HDD slot.

Hello Kitty Swarovski Watch

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The 2009 Hello Kitty collector edition Swarovski wristwatch has arrived in Japan. The crystal encrusted watch, available in white or pink, has been designed in Italy by Vabene and manufactured in Japan by Citizen.

Citrus-Powered Digital Clock

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Like a sour version of the Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock, this timepiece runs on the energy of a lemon, which makes it possible to power it for a week or longer.

Retro Internet Phone

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Yet another fun and cool item for the fans of modern retro gadgets - an old school styled phone receiver that you can use for your modern-day VoIP calls.

R2-D2 USB Flash Drive LEGO Figure

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123smile, a member of the Etsy online marketplace and the creator of the Duplo USB Webcam, has come up with a new fun and geeky item; the R2-D2 Lego USB drive.

Colorful Teddy Speaker

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This cute and colorful speaker in the shape of a teddy bear works in the same was as the USB Sheep Speaker - simply hook up your iPod or any other portable audio device using the standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack, and you’re good to go.

Energy Sistem’s 4040 Touch PMP for €85

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Here’s Energy Sistem’s 4040 Touch portable media player. It has a a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen, 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, a built-in microphone, an FM tuner, and supports various audio and video file formats. The 4040 priced at €120. Oh yeah, there are also 5020 and 5021 models, which taking off the touchscreen and reduced the storage to 4GB ~ these PMPs will cost somewhere around €85.

Key of Rock for $15

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The Key of Rock is a flying V shaped key complies with Yale’s standards. It is designed by Haniboi. As you can see that it is a virgin key, you’ll need a key cutter to make them to your key. One for £15.

Windows XP-Powered Coffee Maker

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This coffee maker is designed to do more than just brewing you a cup of coffee. It is accessible over the internet, just in case you’re lazy, you can tell it to start brewing from the other room instead of getting up and do it yourself. This coffee maker runs on Windows XP and comes with an 8-inch touchscreen.

Samsung Foldable AMOLED Display Screen

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Is it possible to have a large display screen on a smaller phone? Yes, Samsung SDI has shown their foldable AMOLED display prototype during the FPDI 2008. It consists of 2 pieces of thin AMOLED displays placed side by side and they will create an almost perfect large WQVGA display screen. But you can still see a thin line between the two displays.

USB-powered Kinniku Man by $34

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About the same like the Humping Dog/Exercise Dog, the Kinniku Man (Muscle Man) will teach you how to get six packs. Plug this Kinniku Man to the USB and it will start doing non-stop sit-ups. Yup that’s up, no other function and no storage. Choose from Kinniku Man, Robin Mask, Wars Man, and Ramen Man. One will cost you $34.

Luminous Fiber Optics Table Runner

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Unlike other light sources like Neon, LEDs or Electroluminescence, the light coming from the fiber optics fabric is subtle and mysterious, producing a beautiful and dazzling luminous effect in darkness…

MEDION GoPal P5430 only for 175£ or 200 €

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Medion continues to work on their market share in Europe by releasing bunch of new GPS navigation systems. The latest is MEDION GoPal P5430.

With the new GoPal P5430 Medion is emphasizing the extra large screen that measures 5″ diagonally. The rest of the features are also medium to high end. There’s even a finger print sensor. It uses the SiRF InstantFix II GPS receiver which reduces the time to first fix by guessing where those satellites might be.

MEDION GoPal P5430 comes with maps Western and Eastern Europe; provided by Navteq, and an integrated TMC traffic antenna to help you stay out the mess. Other features include:

  • Avoid traffic jams with traffic Master
  • Voice control
  • High performance SiRF Titan 600 Mhz processor
  • Text-to-Speech for precise traffic guidance
  • Pre-loaded safety camera locations
  • Lane and Speed advisor
  • 3 GB memory

Meizu M8

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Meizu's M8 touchscreen phone will bear similarities to the iPhone in more than just the hardware design, a first look from a Chinese publication shows. Confirming the shipping-ready status of the device, the report shows both the extremely derivative design of the M8 itself but also the packaging and accessories, which mimic Apple's black box and white accessories. This includes earbuds and a USB sync cable patterned as closely as possible to the iPhone pack-ins. The phone itself is believed to use a heavily modified Windows CE or Windows Mobile foundation with an interface again designed to be replicate Apple's own software, albeit with some conspicuous changes. The web browser in particular shadows Safari but is accompanied by a somewhat similar media player, phone dialer and on-screen keyboard.

Meizu's hardware is a partial improvement in some respects with the lack of 3G and GPS countered by a three-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, an industry standard mini-USB connector for sync and a removable battery.

Battech launches iPower SX solar charger

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Only for $62

The UK's Battech recently introduced its iPower SX solar-powered charger that will add battery life to portable consumer electronics. It stores energy captured by the sun in a high-capacity, 2,200mAh battery and is said to be capable of powering an iPod classic for 50 hours. The device is capable of charging many popular phones, including the iPhone and Nokia devices, as well as portable gaming consoles, MP3 players and cameras. On a cloudy day or when stuck in the office, the iPower SX can also be recharged via a USB port from PCs. It also has an indicator light to show how much power is left in the device. The iPower SX uses a 5.5V, 80mA crystalline solar panel that has a 5.3V, 500mA output. The iPower SX is now on sale in the UK, priced at the equivalent of about $62.

Victor-JVC,....... DLA-HD750 projector that's for €6100

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Victor-JVC has released its new limited edition of the DLA-HD750. It is limited to only 200 units. Nothing that special except its a “Premium Pearl white” color. The specs are still the same as the previous version ~ a native ratio of 50000:1, and a brightness of 900 Lumens. It is also Full HD with supports for 1080p resolution. Get this limited edition starting December 25th, 2008 that is the Christmas day for €6100.

The Block Light available £35

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This Funky light is made of two opaque acrylic building blocks, just like two giant size LEGO bricks. It has 3 levels of brightness and it’s an ideal for nightlight. The Block light is available at £35.

Samsung Large LCD with Touch technology in TS series

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Samsung in Korea has announced their new large LCD with touchscreen technology for business usage and presentation. The LCD will be branded under TS series with 320TSn (32”), 400TSn (40”), 460TSn (46”), 700TSn (70”) and the 820TSn (82”).

Porsche phone P’9522

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Remember the Porsche phone P’9521!!! Now here’s another Porsche Design mobile phone, the P´9522. It has a large touch display with scratch proof mineral glass and also a 5.0MP camera with video recording function, high-resolution OLED display, sensitive fingerprint sensor, and Wireless LAN for unrestricted internet access, while the highlight goes to the intelligent GPS navigation for reliable orientation. The P´9522 from Porsche Design is available for reservation at the official site.

The Bible Writer

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Here’s an industrial robot, which writes down the bible on rolls of paper by hand. The machine draws the calligraphic lines with high precision. Like a monk in the scriptorium it creates step by step the text. Starting with the old testament and the books of Moses “bios [bible]” produces in seven month continuously the whole book. All 66 books of the bible are written on rolls and then retained and presented in the library of the installation. The result is certainly impressive. We hope that soon these robots can produce a quantity of books wider, so that everyone can have their favorite book written by hand.

Wikiscanner Creator Virgil Griffith’s Profile

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Actually it’s not Wikiscanner Creator Virgil Griffith’s laptop case above, but we can image how mystical it will. The below is a snip from Virginia Heffernan’s New York Times profile of Virgil Griffith, the creator of Wikiscanner.

Girls hang on Virgil Griffith. This is no exaggeration. At parties, they cling to the arms of the 25-year-old hacker whose reason for being, he says, is to “make the Internet a better and more interesting place.” The founder of a data-mining tool called WikiScanner, Griffith is also a visiting researcher at the mysterious Santa Fe Institute, where “complex systems” are studied. He was once charged, wide-eyed rumor has it, with sedition. No wonder girls whisper secrets in his ear and laugh merrily at his arcane jokes.
WikiScanner, which Griffith created last year, makes it possible to figure out which organization made which edits to a Wikipedia entry by cross-referencing IP addresses with a database of IP address owners. You can imagine how much fun this tool is to deploy — to see how someone with a address tinkers with the Jeremiah Wright entry, or how Diebold apparently protects its reputation by deleting criticism of its voting machines and political connections. The promise of WikiScanner is to help free Wikipedia from both propaganda and sabotage. But Griffith says he also aspires “to create minor public-relations disasters for companies and organizations I dislike.”

He’s a troublemaker, then. A twerp. And a magnet for tech-world groupies. At the WebbyConnect conference in Southern California last month, I saw it with my own eyes: Griffith, enjoying a White Russian that I first mistook for chocolate milk, reveled in the attention of his female fans. He smiled broadly. He seemed like a young Henry Kissinger, but sweet, or Arthur Fonzarelli, but not a dropout. from NYT: Internet Man of Mystery

Pin Art Clock for $70

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Who love retro gadgets for those this special The Pin Art Clock takes up to 3,000 pins to tell the hours and minutes of the day. It is powered by D-cell batteries (not included). Priced at $70, this unique clock tells the time in digital format


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The FLX USB Drive is designed by Razy2 collaboration of 2 designers ~ Paulina Krauza and Jacek Ryn. The USB drive is encased in a colored silicone which making use of the natural elasticity to reveal the USB connector when you shove in the USB port. When removed, the silicone goes back to covering the device.

Televoicer Portable Voicer Changer

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Prank your friends with this Televoicer Portable Voicer Changer. Yup, it changes your voice, it has an adjustable Pitch with 8 selections: 3 High, 3 Low, One Original and One Robot-like. Get it for 19 bucks at Brando.

MSI Wind U120 10 Inch Netbook

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MSI today introduced the Wind U120 netbook computer that comes jam packed with a 10-inch display and Intel’s Atom N270 CPU running at 1.6GHz. Weighing at 2.2-pound, the Windows XP Home-powered netbook also features a 1GB of RAM, up to 160GB of hard drive space, a 1.3- or 2-megapixel webcam and a 3- or 6-cell battery, depending on model. The display has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. Other features include 802.11b/g wireless, Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth, three USB ports, a 4-in-1 media card reader, VGA output, and stereo speakers.

Samsung Hugo Boss Phone for €479

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Hugo Boss has decided to collaborate with Samsung to release their own branded handset. The Samsung Hugo Boss Phone is actually based on the F480 handset that features a 5MP camera, a 2.8 inch touchscreen display, 3G and HSDPA connectivity and Redesigned TouchWiz interface. The phone has been redesigned to the Hugo Boss style and includes a collection of ringtones that reflect Hugo Boss style. Each €479 purchase will come bundled with a Hugo Boss-styled Bluetooth headset.

Hitachi CP-X10000 Projector !!!wow!!!

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This projector has a strong looking design. It is Hitachi’s new AV projector, the CP-X10000. It features 7,500 lumens of brightness, 2,500:1 contrast ratio, ultra-wide range lens shift, 10-bit full digital video processor, 10,000-hour filter and RS-232 Network Bridge. The projector also includes a bayonet-style lens attachment that allows a choice of lenses with a variety of throw distances for different size audiences.

Nokia released wonderful 6260 Slide @ EUR 299

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Nokia has launched its 6260 slide, a GPS phone with Series 40 software platform for the first time. It comes with HSDPA 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera with flash and 360°ree; navigation key for easy navigation when use internet. Pictures taken can be easily shared and upload to Nokia’s Share on Ovi service or other picture and video sharing site. Nokia 6260 slide is equipped with the latest 3G technology plus high speed uploads (HSUPA) and downloads (HSDPA). There’s quick access to search engine and other interests direct from the home screen so you don’t have to browse through you phone all the time. The Nokia 6260 slide will be available when the New Year starts with an estimated price of EUR 299, before taxes and subsidies.

'Star Wars'-like light savers could target health cancer

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OK, the whole Star Wars thing? A little misleading.

Basically, the Herald Sun is reporting on a technology that involves firing a laser beam accurate enough to puncture a hole in an individual cell. Sounds more like The Authority--or any other Mark Millar-written comic--than Star Wars to me.

Anyway, Professor Kishan Dholakia and Dr. Frank Gunn-Moore--both of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland--say the "light saber" could be used routinely on cancer patients within the next five years.

The method would allow chemotherapy drugs to be pumped directly into cancer cells. The researchers believe hard-to-reach cancers such as that of the pancreas would especially benefit.

The researchers have managed to mount the light syringe on an optical fiber the width of a human hair. The next step is to develop it for use on endoscopes, the tubes used by surgeons to pass miniature cameras through the body.

"You could think of these as tiny light sabers like they had in Star Wars inside your body," Gunn-Moore said.

"We can use lasers to punch tiny holes exactly where we want them," he continued. "We can produce a rod of light--sometimes described as a sword--that can even go around objects. It really does sound like science fiction."

So not really "Star Warsian," exactly, but mentioning Star Wars has surely led to better coverage of the team's research. But hey, if more coverage leads to more funding, then more power to them.

light syringe

Scientists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have developed a novel form of syringe, formed solely from light, that they hope will deliver highly targeted chemotherapy drugs.

(Credit: University of St Andrews)

via [cnet]

What is the Process for Harvesting Cord Blood?

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Harvesting cord blood involves collecting up to 180mL of blood from a newborn baby that is returned to the neonatal circulation if the umbilical cord is not prematurely clamped. In some obstetric and midwifery practices, physiological extended-delayed cord clamping protocol, as well as water birth, allows for the cord blood to pulse into the neonate for 5-20 minutes after delivery. If the umbilical cord is not clamped, a physiological clamping occurs upon interaction with cold air, when the internal gelatinous substance, called Wharton's jelly, swells around the umbilical artery and veins.

A cord blood bank may be a private commercial enterprise, or a public medical resource, used to store umbilical cord blood for future use.

Cord blood banking can be controversial within the medical and parenting communities, because blood collection can take up to 180mL of blood from the neonate. However, collection of this cord blood does has not been demonstrated to correlate with any measurable health risks for newborns. Furthermore, the process is conducted within the delivery room, under the guidance of obstetricians and nurses. To date, there are no documented cases in which a newborn has experienced detrimental effects from the collection of cord blood.

While it is recognized that cord blood is rich in valuable hematopoietic stem cells, the American Academy of Pediatrics 2008 Policy Statement on Cord Blood Banking[1] states that:

"Physicians should be aware of the claims of private cord blood banks made to future parents that promise to insure infants or family members against serious illnesses in the future by use of the stem cells contained in cord blood." In essense, this statements means that the claims put forth by private cord blood banks are predictive in nature, and whether they turn out to be substantiated or not will depend on the direction and progress made through modern medicine.

Thus, it is important for parents to empower themselves with knowledge about the cord blood collection process, techniques associated with preservation, and finally both current and probably future therapeutic applications. Acquiring this knowledge prepares each parent to make the choice they believe is best for both their child's immediate medical health and future medical health. Regarding the current state of cord blood banking, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers - only different perspectives on the analysis of risk, cost, and potential (health) rewards.

What is Cord Blood?

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Cord blood, also known as "placental blood," is the blood that is contained within the umbilical cord and placenta after a newborn is born and after the cord is cut. Traditionally, placenta and umbilical cord were discarded after birth by attending medical staff. However, because these elements contain umbilical cord blood that is a unique source of stem cells - in particular, stems cells that are genetically unique to the newborn and those closely related to it - some parents now opt to preserve the umbilical cord and placenta until the newborn's cord blood can be extracted and preserved.

Cord blood that is preserved can later be used as a source of blood stem cells, if that newborn or a relative were to need a blood transplantation. The reason is that cord blood is rich in hematopoietic stem cells, the cellular elements of human blood. Cord blood can be stored by either public or private cord blood banks. One benefit of public cord blood banks is that they store cord blood for the benefit of the general public, with most participating in a National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) in cord blood is matched to patients that require. Private cord blood banks are for-profit organizations which store cord blood for the exclusive use of the donor or donor's relatives. The main benefit of choosing a private cord blood bank is that it ensures that there will be ample supplies of cord blood if multiple relatives require a transplantation due to disease (such as one for which many members of a family might be genetically predisposed).

Within the medical community, public cord blood banking is viewed as a beneficial service that promotes public health and well-being. On the other hand, medical professionals may recommend private cord blood banking in cases where there is family lineage of a genetic diseases. Currently, both quality public and private banking is available in the United States as well as most other medically-advanced countries, but private banking is unlawful in France and Italy. In these countries, it is opposed by the European Group on "Ethics in Science and New Technologies.”

Nokia 6260 Slide: 3G, 5MP camera and GPS

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Priced at €299 ($387)

Nokia have announced their latest Series 40 cellphone, the 6260 Slide. The focus here is on high-speed internet access, search and sharing, with search engines and “points of interest” linked straight from the home-screen, together with 3G HSDPA/HSUPA, WiFi and A-GPS.

There’s also a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and a flash. Capable of both still images and video clips, media can quickly be uploaded via Nokia’s own Share on Ovi online gallery, or by programming in your Flickr, Photobucket or other gallery account details. The Nokia 6260 Slide is the first S40 handset to have GPS, and Nokia Maps is preloaded.

Nothing here new for smartphone addicts, but casual media junkies will likely find themselves with a sturdy, entertaining device. Priced at €299 ($387) before taxes and subsidies, the Nokia 6260 Slide will begin shipping in January 2009.

TiVo have launched a mobile site that allows subscribers to program their DVR from any internet-capable cellphone. The TiVo Mobile interface has been formatted for the compact screen sizes available on mobile devices, but still manages to squeeze in listings browsing, searches and record settings, together with the company’s own “If you like this…” tool to discover new shows based on your viewing habits.

It’s also possible to search for programs by actor, title, director, and keyword, with additional functions including Daily Recommendations and Most Popular. Access to the site is open to all, even those without compatible TiVo DVRs, with the company seemingly pushing it as a general listings guide as well.

You can access the TiVo Mobile site at, to program Series 2 or Series 3 boxes, with no extra fees or subscriptions.

Samsung NC10 netbook in black and two-tone blue shipping

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Samsung’s NC10 netbook has been wowing early reviewers with its lengthy battery life, and now there’s word that the two alternative color variants should be hitting suppliers very soon. As well as the all-white model which has been doing the rounds, there will be a black and a two-tone blue.

Unlike some manufacturers, who just change the lid color, when Samsung say black they really do mean it. The lid, chassis, keyboard and trackpad are all black, with the silver accents on the side panels and hinges remaining; meanwhile the blue version has a blue chassis and lid, but the keyboard is black. Inside it’s the same story as the white NC10, with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and 10.2-inch display.

We've seen some pretty sophisticated laptop security measures out here in the volatile civilian world, but Lenovo's taking things all top secret with its new Constant Secure Remote Disable feature. Slated to hit select ThinkPads in Q1 2009, the Phoenix Technologies, um, technology enables specially equipped notebooks to become utterly worthless if stolen -- so long as the owner remembers to text in the emergency code, that is. You see, with the Remote Disable function, proper owners can send an SMS to their missing WWAN-enabled machine in order to make it inoperable; the lappie then sends a message back to confirm that it's currently irritating the daylights out of a wannabe data thief. 'Course, said thief can track you down and implement all manners of torture to get you to reactivate it, but we suppose that's the risk you take with that sort of lifestyle.

Kenwood's CR-iP500 will do the All Black haka with your iPod

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It's not a Doomsday clock, ticking away the precious seconds of your brief mortality. It's just another iPod dock, the CR-iP500 from Kenwood. The 371 x 175 x 187-mm globule of thump brings a pair of amplified 5W speakers, a built-in FM tuner, slot-in CD player, and a USB 2.0 jack to playback unprotected WMA and MP3 audio files off USB sticks. Yeah, iPods too, just as long as you don't stretch the definition to include the iPhone which this dock doesn't appear to support. Expected to hit Japan for ¥27,000 (about $280) in early December.

Update: Oh Kenwood, turns out your dock is just a rebadge of the LG PC12 already on sale in the US and elsewhere for $250 MSRP.

Dunhill Pave Black Diamond USB flash drive

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What about the Dunhill Pave Black Diamond USB flash drive? It has 8GB capacity and it is encased in oxidized sterling silver and adorned with 272 black diamonds. Not sure how much it is, but it black diamonds is telling me it is going to dig out a lot from my wallet.

Collar Ink for $13

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Looking to replace some of your forever-lost collar stays? Then you might as well pick up some stays from Collar Ink ($13/7 pairs). These tattoo-inspired sticks come in a variety of cool designs, and are the perfect way to punk up your work wardrobe without revealing your bitchin' "devil throwing triple sixes" body art.

GenevaSound Home Theater system With $4000

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With $4000, you can get a GenevaSound Home Theater system. This all-in-one electronic-furniture hybrid features sleek piano-lacquered wooden cabinet that includes a 700-watt amplifier, 7 speakers, a 12-inch subwoofer, CD player, FM radio, and an integrated iPod/iPhone dock. The TV is not included, so you will need some extra cash for TV if you get this, that will be funny if a 15-inch was put on top on this cabinet.

Cardboard iPhone Dock

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iPhone 3G does not come with a dock like the 1st gen iPhone, so your will need to spend extra 29 bucks to get an Apple iPhone 3G Dock. Geeky Gadget has come out with a DIY iPhone dock made of cardboard.

Porsche Panamera

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The Porsche Panemera is here, available in S and Turbo model. It is powered by 4.8-liter V8 producing 400hp and 500hp respectively. Both will come with Porsche’s PDK 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Compare to new 15.9 feet long BMW 5-series, these sedans are consider quite large, it measures 16.3 feet long and 6.3 feet wide.

Apple files patent for iPod background display

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Apple has developed a technology that would let iPhones and iPods display basic warnings to users without invoking the full screen, a new US patent filing shows. The system would use a second, always-on but power-efficient backlight to illuminate a custom-shaped notification when the main backlight isn't switched on, such as an indication that an iPod is stopped or an SMS text message has reached an iPhone.

Motorola VE66

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Motorola has launched its new 5.0-megapixel camera phone, the VE66. Yup, it has the 5.0-megapixel camera with auto focus, LED flash, red eyes correction and auto stabilization functions. Its Crystal Talk technology is going to filter off those background noises, giving you a superior call quality. VE66 has the FastScroll navigation, a one touch wheel to get you easy with your music files and FM radio.

The phone also has an HSDPA/UMTS radio for 3G cellular access in both Europe and North America along with a Wi-Fi module. The Motorola VE66 will be available by the end of 2008 but pricing is still unavailable at the moment.