Wireless USB Keypad with Trackball

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This wireless keypad features 19 standard keys, 13 hot keys and a high precision 1000DPI trackball. The wireless transfer is done using a 2.4 GHz radio frequency.


  • 19 keys slim link off keyboard
  • Built-in trackball for optical mouse
  • Resolution: 1000
  • Powerful office function with 19 keys and 13 hotkeys
  • Operating distance: 10 meters
  • Operating frequency: 2.4GHz Radio frequency
  • Operating current: 35mA max. (Keybaord)
  • Operating current: 15mA max. (Receiver)
  • FN: Num lock change function
  • Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Dimension: 114 x 134 x 25mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 143g


dual-core Nano chips, VIA preps SSE4-enabled

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Chip manufacturer VIA will begin sampling a dual-core version of its Nano CPU in the second half of 2009 and shipping the next-generation processor in volume in late 2009 or early 2010, slightly earlier than previous a roadmap leak indicated. Like rival AMD which recently outlined new Atom-competitors, VIA's X86-compatible Nano chips debuted in May to compete with Intel's Atom and lower-end Celeron M chips. VIA hopes to stem the growing adoption of Intel's Atom processor (and dual-core nettop PC variant); VIA, the report says, expects to deliver samples ahead of the previously reported June 2010 launch. Digitimes reports that the new dual-core Nano chips will arrive before the end of the first quarter of 2010, while a next-generation SSE4-enabled Nano CPU will arrive in the third quarter of 2009.

Based on the Nano 1000 and 2000 series chips, the report says that VIA plans to launch the next-generation Nano 3000 series CPU in the third quarter of 2009 with support for the SSE4 instruction set. The SSE4 instructions were introduced as part of the Intel Core microarchitecture, but also have been licensed by rival AMD in its K10 architecture; the include more than 50 extra instructions to help boost performance for multimedia and web applications. Though it is unclear, the updated chips will likely not support the full SSE4 instruction set, but rather a subset of 47 instructions -- dubbed SSE4.1 -- which is available in Intel's Penryn (the seven remaining instructions are also available in Intel's new Core i7, formerly Nehalem).

According to the report, engineering samples of Nano 3000 series CPUs will be completed in the first quarter next year and the CPU will be manufactured using Fujitsu Electronics' 65nm process. VIA is still evaluating whether to manufacture the dual-core Nano chip using Fujitsu's 45nm process or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC's) 40nm process, Digitimes reported.

VIA is currently expected to release its Nano E-series chip in the spring of 2009, which will bump up the front system bus speeds from the current 800MHz to 1,333MHz and use a 65nm process. The chip will be backwards compatible and fit onto the same mainboards as the older NanoBGA2 chips.

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Sunlight Illuminated LCD from LG

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LG going to show off its first Sunlight Illuminated LCD at CES 2009 in January. Developed for notebook, the 14.1 inch LCD panel is illuminated by sunlight instead of the backlight unit when used outdoor which reduces the power consumption by 75%.

Mr. In-Byeong Kang, LG Display’s Vice President and Head of LCD Laboratory, noted, “Our environmentally friendly, 14.1 inch LCD for notebook PC overcomes the challenges of extending battery life in use of notebook PCs outdoors where isn’t likely to be power outlets, while providing superior outdoor visibility.”

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iLuv unveils iHD171 HD Radio with iTune Tagging

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iLuv has announced successor to its HD radio line-up with iHD171HD, adding iTune tagging feature and a brand new look. Don’t you just love the look of the old school analog style tuning knob? Much like the previous models, the iHD171 HD Radio is compatible with iPhones and iPods; has 30 programmable presets with ability to charge an connected “i-devices”; tunes legacy AM/FM radio; and can be functioned as a dual alarm clock as well.

The iTunes Tagging allows users to pin track information from HD radio stations onto compatible iPhone and iPod devices, while the Time Sync function allows the radio to auto-synch the time and clock from connected devices. TV output is also provided for iPod device with video output capability.

Mp3 players or any other audio devices can be connected via its auxiliary line input with a standard-size 3.5mm output jack. The sound system features iLuv’s jAura Acoustic Speaker Technology with power rating of 4Wrms driven into two-channel. iLuv will debut the new iHD171 HD Radio at CES 2009. It has an MSRP of $199.99.

iLuv iHD171 HD Radio Features

• Compatible with iPhone 3G and 2G
• Time Sync function automatically updates the clock to match the time on your iPhone or iPod*
• One touch iTunes tagging: tags music from HD Radio and saves the song info on your iPhone & iPod
• Provides crystal clear, digital stereo for AM/FM HD Radio and multicast stations
• Receives CD-quality HD radio signals that increase clarity of FM radio stations
• Displays station, song title, band and frequency information
• Receives standard analog AM and FM stereo radio signals
• 30 Programmable presets (10 AM/20 FM)
• jAura Acoustic Speaker Technology for rich sound
• Play and charge your iPhone/iPod
• Output your favorite videos to your TV (iPod with video capability**)
• Digital clock display with dual alarm function
• Wake or Sleep to iPhone/iPod, AM/FM radio or buzzer
• Auxiliary line input for audio devices with 3.5mm jack
• Preset EQ function and mute function
• Audio output: 4Wrms x 2: 8Wrms/16Wpeak
*Excluding iPod nano 1st generation
**Excluding iPod nano 1st and 2nd generation

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Prime Laptop Has Three Displays

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The Prime laptop "closes to the size of a 13" notebook and opens to a super wide aspect 26" notebook." Thanks to slide out OLED displays, widescreen gaming action on-the-go will never be an issue.

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LG 3G Touch Watch Phone

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LG Electronics will unveil its wearable '3G Touch Watch Phone(model: LG-GD910)' at the upcoming CES 2008 held in Las Vegas. Boasting a 13.9mm-thickness, the 3G Touch Watch Phone delivers functions of a cell phone on a small size device like a watch. In particular, it supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA(High Speed Downlink Packet Access) network as well as video telephony with a built-in camera.Equipped with a 1.43-inch full touch screen, the 3G Touch Watch Phone features mp3 playback, waterproof support, TTS(Text To Speech) function, Bluetooth connectivity and more.

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Yukyun MID Viliv S5 Atom Processor

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Yukyung Tech. launch the Atom base MID Viliv S5 which is powered by Intel Menlow Atom Z520 processor and Windows XP operating system.

The Viliv S5 equipped with 4.8 inch lcd screen, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM and 30GB/60GB HDD. The lifetime of the battery up to 6 hours and also the Viliv S5 support bluetooth/wifi/hsdpa/wibro connection, DMB and GPS fuction. There’s no price available yet.

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Samsung S8300 with 8 megapixel camera

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Samsung S8300 has just been served its first spoonful of leaky goodness as images and preliminary specs trickle out into the internet. First things first, it’s not pretty. Moving past the look of the S8300 however, things get pretty juicy:

  • 2.8″ AMOLED touchscreen display, WQVGA resolution, 16 million colors
  • 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus and dual-LED flash
  • Integrated GPS
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 60MB internal memory
  • 7.2Mbps HSDPA
Of course the S8300 will surely drop in Europe and/or Asia first but Samsung has been surprising us lately with the coming of a few US-3G compatible gems.

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Gas Stove Cup Warmer from computer

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USB cup warmers here at GeekAlerts, like the the hub and clock one. But if you like to go more retro, maybe this gas stove model will be better suited.

Product Specifications:

  • Designed as a classic gas stove
  • On / Off switch
  • Flame-like LED
  • Powered by USB
  • Available colors: Orange and Blue
  • Size: 140*125*28mm
  • Weight: 145g
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Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger, un cargador ecológico

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Hace tiempo os hablamos de un cargador de pilas solar que había salido al mercado y que resultaba especialmente útil para los viajes además de ser ecológico. Hoy os presentamos el Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger, que básicamente hace lo mismo, carga pilas AAA y AA si hay sol suficiente allí donde estés. Además está especialmente hecho para resistir las inclemencias del tiempo.

Además de la energía solar, podrás usar un adaptador para conectarlo a la corriente eléctrica si crees que no hay luz suficiente. Pero lo que le hace distinto al resto es que tiene un puerto USB con el cual puede alimentar a distintos aparatos, entre ellos los iPod, algunos GPS o cámaras de fotos. Este cargador saldrá en enero y se espera que cueste unos 50 dólares.

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Shake TV Remote to Make it Work Without Batteries !!!

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The Shake Control is a concept TV remote that works simply by shaking it. Just move it in different directions to change the channels or the volume. We have seen this year greener and greener technologies for various gadgets. Alternative energy is also a big issue with gadgets manufacturers. The remote control in the picture doesn’t need any batteries to make it work. The remote has a visible arrow-shaped magnet and coils of wire inside. All those components will generate 20-30mA current when the device is shaken. Then the gravity sensor measures the direction of the shake and delivers the corresponding result.

Handbag with a Television

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Can you imagine, a Handbag with a television!!! Unbeleivable...... but now it happens, Bagtv has released in the market. Featuring an integrated 7” DVD/ MP3 player along with a digital photo viewer. its battery life of 2.5 hours. It lets you connect to your PC for an easy uploading of pictures and videos. You can also plug in your SD card for sharing images on this Bagtv. This bag series is available in a variety of colors and finishes to ensure your style is not hampered while carrying an entertainment handbag.

iBite Roadster Concept Car

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iBite Concept Car design has been nominated as a winner of the Local Motors Competition. This roadster concept car has been designed by Iman Maghsoudi from Iran who received 1,500 bucks as a prize.
iBite Concept Car is expected using a hybrid powertrain for its main power and has symbolic components of the Hawaii island in its design.

Torch White LED Light Glove

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The new conceptual torch light designed by Slovenian designer Tilen Sepic, is something that has been picked straight out of the sci-fi movies. The whole idea of the concept as per the designer is to produce a working light without the hassle of shadows being reflected in the object. The device is supposed to be worn like a glove around the wrist and the light is emitted through the white LED which is a part of the device. The device also includes a battery pack with the light being transferred through the attached optical fibers to a specified location. Just point at the location and you will see light! Surprise...........................

via Tuvie Designer : { Tilen Sepic via DesignBoom}

Merry Christmas 2008 And Happy New Year 2009 !

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Christmas is coming, me Techno writer want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you who have been a great support of this site and make it wheres today I am. It has been a challenging year but I am so grateful and privileged since you have put your trust in my work and words.

Reader, are they Moving.......................

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Hey Reader, Are they moving, rotating or waving? Yes they are, if you focus them at different spot. Move your eyes and concentration around. More after the break.
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Come on Dance with Robot

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Come on dance-dance..........uuuuuyyyyuuuu.......dance...dance
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Marching Ants around Eye

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Is it real or tatoo...... ohhhh.....I dont know or spider !!!
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Cracking open Amazon's Kindle

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CNET Networks site TechRepublic runs a regular series called "Cracking Open" in which it takes a look inside a variety of gadgets. CNET News is publishing this excerpt of a photo gallery that examines the innards of Amazon's Kindle e-book reader.

The Kindle's front cover contains the screen, navigation bar display, QWERTY keypad, page-navigation buttons, and scroll wheel. The Kindle uses a 6-inch diagonal E-Ink electronic paper display, that offers 600x800 pixel resolution at 167ppi and a 4-level gray scale.

The Kindle is 7.5 inches tall, 5.3 inches wide, and 0.7 inches thick. The device weighs 10.3 ounces.

Photo by Bill Detwiler/TechRepublic

Caption by Bill Detwiler

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Fat fingers no problem with 'see-through' touchscreen

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Electronic devices have been shrinking for years, but you might be forgiven for thinking that one that's only a centimetre across would be just too difficult to operate.

Now tests of a prototype device only slightly larger than this have shown that it can be made perfectly usable by combining a screen on the front with a touch-sensitive pad on the back.

Touch screens can be an intuitive method of interacting with computers and are now near ubiquitous in smartphones and other high-end hand-held gadgets.

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Prototype see through with touch screen

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There may finally be a compromise between the world of ever-shrinking electronic devices and our ever-expanding fingers.

A prototype device called the NanoTouch features a 2.4-inch screen and a touch-sensitive pad of the same size on the back, according to a demonstration on NewScientist. Using the touch pad on the back, users can manipulate icons on the screen in front without obscuring the target with their fingers, creating an experience resembling transparency. (NewScientist's video demonstrating the NanoTech.)

Researchers say that tests showed targets as small as seven-tenths of an inch wide were easy to select using the NanoTouch. Targets on conventional touch screens are typically at least twice that size.

The NanoTouch is intended to demonstrate an evolving technology that focuses on making user interfaces practical on small devices.

The NanoTouch, developed by Microsoft Research and Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, is expected to be unveiled in April at the Computer and Human Interaction conference in Boston.

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Alioscopy 3D Display

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Alioscopy and TCL jointly decided to release their new 3D TV that doesn’t require 3D glasses. There is no further info about this 3D display. Probably we have to wait until the CES 2009.
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N10Jc portable notebook PC

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Asus has decided to release its N10Jc portable notebook PC in the Korean market. This ultra-portable netbook is powered by Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS and adopts a 10.2-inch wide screen display (1,024 x 600 resolution) with LED backlight, a 1.60GHz Atom N270 processor, Intel 945GSE Express chipset, nVidia GeForce 9300M GS GPU, 160GB HDD and 1GB of memory. Other features include 6-cell battery pack, HDMI port, 802.11n wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.1 and a 1.3M webcam. What makes this netbook special is that it offers 7 hours of battery life.
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Hello Kitty Flip MinoHD-World’s smallest HD camcorder

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Hello Kitty Flip Mino and Flip MinoHD camcorders weigh just over 3 ounces and come with a built-in USB port, an internal rechargeable battery and 60 minutes of high-quality video. The sleek, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording starts recording within 3 seconds of power-up. Hello Kitty Flip MinoHD camcorder is the world’s smallest HD.................Read Details

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Solar Powered Solar Panel Sun Glasses

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Designers Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong have come out with the very first solar glasses called the SIG also known as the “Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses”. The lenses of the glasses is equipped with dye solar cells, collecting the energy and make it able to power your small devices through the power jack back of the frame.The dye solar cell is described as “cheap organic dye [used with] nano technology [providing] cheap but high energy efficiency.” See More Pic

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Hewlett-Packard Realeased Multitouch Notebook

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Price : $1,149

The TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC was modeled after Hewlett-Packard's desktop version of the same name and can be used as a PC, display. or tablet. It comes with a rechargeable digital ink pen to write, draw, or erase. Plus, the TouchSmart tx2 starts at $1,149.
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Ladies boot Stamping on W Bush face

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"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face...forever." - George Orwell
Credit [rense]

Hercules DJ Control Steel Mixing Deck

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The Hercules DJ Control Steel Mixing Deck will take you to a higher level of mixing game. You can connect this mixing deck to a Mac or PC via its USB port. It is loaded with 46 push buttons, six faders and 13 rotary switches. The push buttons include six kill buttons and five effects buttons. I think the Hercules DJ Control Steel mixing deck is not for the amateurs because it can also be used with any MIDI-based DJ software and comes packaged with Virtual DJ 5. The Hercules DJ Control Steel Mixing Deck will be released on December 22, 2009 for $299.99.

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Super-Tiny Wireless Keyboard for $47

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Super-Tiny Illuminated Wireless Keyboard that offers 56 keys with Fn/Num lock change function. Measuring 170mm x 81mm x 15mm and weighing 138grams, the portable device also provides a USB port. The keyboard uses 2.4GHz radio frequency that allows you to use it as far as 10 meters radius. You can purchase the Super-Tiny Illuminated Wireless Keyboard for only $47 at Brando.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 4 Review

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On first creating or opening a project in Adobe Premiere Elements 4 you are presented with a simple, yet familiar interface. The bottom third or so of the window is taken up by the timeline/sceneline bar, where clips, effects, music, etc. are placed. The upper left of the screen is entirely taken up by the preview window. To the right of this is the tasks window, where most of the action of importing clips, creating DVD menus, choosing transitions, and pretty much every other action, takes place. This layout will work for almost everyone, but, depending on your project, the entire workspace can be customized.

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(Left) A cryostat containing the superconducting solenoid magnet used for magnetic levitation experiments. The solenoid is kept at a temperature of 4 Kelvin (-269 Celsius). (Right) Cross-section diagram showing the water droplet levitating inside the bore in the magnet, and the positions of the electrodes used to apply the current used to spin the droplet.

Image credit: Hill and Eaves.

By magnetically levitating water droplets, and using a “liquid electric motor” technique to spin them, researchers can investigate how the droplets change shape. Rather than being just a curious experiment, the results could provide insights into systems that cannot be controlled in the laboratory, such as black holes and atomic nuclei.

via [Physorg]

Dubai Plans to Cool Sizzling Sandy Beach

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Palazzo Versace Hotel will be completed sometime in late 2009 to 2010.

Dubai's out this world's Palazzo Versace located in the Culture Village has hired Hyder Consulting to use their innovative engineering talents to cool off the hotel/condominium resort's sizzling hot sandy beaches. Hyder Consulting has a long-term presence in the Middle East and offers engineering services, including environmentally sustainable buildings, infrastructure solutions, mechanical and electrical expertise. According to Soheil Abedian, president of Palazzo Versace, "We will suck the heat out of the sand to keep it cool enough to lie on." Palazzo Versace will be completed sometime in late 2009 to 2010.

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Vutec’s Vision-X Dyna-Curve

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Looking to really make your home theater shine? You should check out Vutec’s recently announced Vision-X Dyna-Curve.

This screen is the real deal, with the ability to adjust to make room for 2.34:1, 16:9, and 4:3 aspect ratios. Also available in several different materials including SilverStar, white, pearl, and grey with the option for sound screen technology so you can hide your speakers behind it.

The coolest feature that makes this product truly high-end is that the screen, ranging from sizes of 75″ to 140″, is slightly curved to imitated that of a movie theater and make for a brigther display.

via [CyberTheater]

Cima CSDP-500 DVD Player

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Price : approximately 6,980 Yen

Cima’s DVD Player CSDP-500 is priced at approximately 6,980 Yen. This small sized DVD Player supports ±R/RW, DVD±R DL and CD-R/RW other than DVD format. The Player weighs 400g. It can also play MPEG-4/MP3/WMA/JPEG formats. The DVD Player has 2 image output. The DVD player features USB terminal, slot of the SD card and the memory stick.

Via [Cybertheatre]

Kissing Octopus USB Memory 4GB only for $ 64.90

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Price : $ 64.90

The charming heart shaped eyes and lovely pouting mouth, represents great passion for romance. Each color of the octopus equipped with a different magnetic pole. When you put these lovable octopuses together, they will stick to each other and form a hot kiss.

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The making of an ethanol 'superbug'

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From these beakers to your gas tank. A few years ago, the idea of cellulosic ethanol--making liquid fuel from wood, grasses, and agriculture residue--was a foreign concept to most. Now many consumers, industrialists, and policy makers consider making cellulosic ethanol on a commercial scale one of the most important technical challenges for society.

Mascoma is one company in the race, with what it hopes is a breakthrough in cellulosic ethanol through biotechnology.

General Motors invested in the company earlier this year and on Friday named its director of global energy systems R&D to Mascoma's board. On Friday, Mascoma also opened up its lab in Dartmouth, N.H., to describe its technology and report on its progress.

The feedstocks, from left to right, are corn stover (stalks and leaves), hardwood chips, switchgrass, and paper sludge (what's leftover from paper processing).

Photo by Martin LaMonica/CNET Networks

Caption by Martin LaMonica

Hubble observes planet orbiting another star

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From images taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, for the first time astronomers have spotted a planet orbiting a star outside our solar system.

The planet, Fomalhaut b, maintains an orbit around the star Fomalhaut and has three times the mass of Jupiter.

"Our Hubble observations were incredibly demanding. Fomalhaut b is 1 billion times fainter than the star. We began this program in 2001, and our persistence finally paid off," said Hubble astronomer Paul Kalas, of the University of California at Berkeley.

Photo by NASA, ESA, and Z. Levay (STScI)

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.6

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Fire up Software Update to get the latest update to Mac OS X Leopard.

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

MobileMe syncing improvements and security fixes headline the list of changes unveiled with the release of Apple's Mac OS X 10.5.6 update Monday.

The file should be appearing in the Software Update window at any moment now, depending on how often you've set Software Update to check for new software. The sixth update to Leopard, originally released in October 2007, comes with the usual range of tweaks, bug fixes, and security improvements.

One update of note concerns MobileMe, which is now capable of pushing updates made to calendars or contact information from the Web or an iPhone to the primary Mac within a minute. Apple had numerous problems with the launch of the MobileMe service earlier this year, and the latest update should help fix one of the more pressing issues still outstanding with the $99-a-year service.

A full list of the issues addressed with 10.5.6 can be found here, while a list of the security improvements should appear here relatively soon. If you want to download the update from Apple's Web site, go here, but the Software Update function is the easiest way to get updated.

via [cnet]